NABERS RHCC Consultation / Engagement


Stantec are undertaking a review of two components of the NABERS rules for Energy and Water for Offices ratings, on behalf on the NABERS National Administrator. The intent of the review is to identify methods for streamlining the rating process for determining the Rated Hours and Computer Counts for both Tenancy and Whole Building ratings.

We invite interested stakeholders to provide feedback by completing a short online survey. Responses will be kept confidential (de-identified) however you can also provide your contact details if you wish. The survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Questions are generally multiple choice with some questions having more than one potential answer. Options to provide additional information are available for particular questions.

Please base your answers on pre COVID-19 pandemic lockdown conditions unless otherwise noted in the question.

While the survey focuses on the experiences of NABERS Accredited Assessors, we are interested in feedback from facility mangers and other who compile or assist with the gathering data to facilitate a NABERS Rating.

Click here to access the survey or paste the following URL into your browser

Thank you for participating in this important NABERS industry initiative.