This year more than ever we need to ask our friends and colleagues " R U Ok?"

R U Ok spoke spoke to workplace wellbeing and suicide prevention organisation, OzHelp for their top six tips for fostering wellbeing while physically distancing.

Check in regularly

Whether you are working remotely or in a socially distanced environment it is hugely important that we take the time to check in with one another. In environments where workplaces have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, employees can face additional factors or stressors that can impact wellbeing. As a colleague or employer, it is important to start the conversation by asking “are you really okay?”, listening carefully and finding further support if needed.

Promote self-care

Self-care is a fundamental way of caring for your wellbeing. Practising self-care whilst you are at work can be as simple as taking your lunch break away from your desk, organising a 15-minute online meditation with colleagues, or standing up to stretch and walk around the room every hour. 

Stay social

Workplaces can offer a social environment for employees to connect, catch up, and have a laugh. It is important that we still create these environments even when facing stay-at-home restrictions. Consider organising a virtual afternoon tea, regular online lunch catch ups or a socially distanced celebration, where perhaps you can share some team wins with each other.

Be aware of schedules and workloads

When we are working remotely it can be hard to see how busy someone is. A heavy workload coupled with multiple online meetings in a day can have a negative impact our wellbeing. Be mindful of people’s schedules and workloads, offer support where you can and make sure your colleagues have time to get their work done in between online meetings.

Implement an internal Peer Support Network

A Peer Support Network is where key employees receive training in the appropriate methods and techniques to be able to assist in supporting work mates who may be experiencing a tough time. Peer Supporter training is a great way for workplaces to be proactive about their employees mental health and wellbeing.
Share support services

If your workplace has an Employee Assistance Program or other support avenues available, it is important that everyone is made aware. If this is not the case, perhaps you can share a list of free services that are. 

If you or someone you know needs some extra support, visit our directory of national support and services here. For support at any time of day or night, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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