The Victorian Government has released a new COVIDSafe Plan template to help you reduce the risk of COVID19 at your business.  It is mandatory for all businesses to have a COVIDSafe Plan.

The updated template helps you document:

how you will manage a COVID-19 case in the workplace
how you will make sure workers are fully vaccinated, if required
steps you will take to maintain detailed records
what you are doing to meet face mask requirements
how you will comply with other requirements for your sector.

Businesses can choose to use this template or outline their COVIDSafe Plan in another format. It is not mandatory for businesses to use the template.

COVIDSafe Plan forums and workshops
The Victorian Government is offering a free support service for small to medium businesses to ensure your COVIDSafe Plan is up to date and reflects current COVIDSafe Settings.
To attend one of the information forums, email: [email protected]
Contact management tool
An online tool has been developed to help businesses manage a positive COVID-19 case in the workplace.
The tool measures potential exposure risk and provides instant advice on steps to protect workers and customers.
Businesses are asked up to six questions. The tool is in addition to information and advice at
Contact management information 
What do businesses need to do?
1. If a worker tests positive for COVID-19, direct them to stay home and isolate for seven days from the day they were tested. If they used a rapid antigen test, they must report the result to the Department of Health online or by calling 1800 675 398.
2. Identify workplace contacts using the Contact assessment and management matrix from the Contact Management Guidance for Workplaces, Business and Industry.  
3. Inform workplace contacts to use a rapid antigen test (or a PCR test if they can't access a rapid antigen test) if they have symptoms.
4. If there are five or more cases within a seven-day period, notify the Department of Health via the COVID-19 outbreak notification form.
There is no longer a requirement to notify WorkSafe of a positive case in the workplace.
Businesses do not need to inform customers about a positive case or conduct a deep clean of the premises.
Get your third dose
All Victorians are encouraged to get their third dose as soon as they are eligible.
Bookings can be made at