Schools can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission through the way they use outdoor and indoor spaces.

The Victorian School Builidng Authority has released a policy which details 4 overarching principles to guide the use of school spaces in the return to school in Term 4, 2021, as outlined in the School Operations Guide.

Schools are strongly encouraged to:

  • maximise ventilation of their indoor spaces, either naturally or mechanically
  • minimise the use of indoor space that can’t be ventilated with fresh, outdoor air (for example, spaces where windows cannot be opened, or where the window opens onto a noisy road), and where possible, reduce density quotient if the space needs to be occupied
  • maximise the use of outdoor learning environments wherever practicable
  • prioritise the use of air purifiers in high-risk settings (in addition to maximising ventilation, rather than as a replacement, where possible).

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