Branch Committees

FMA branch committees are established in every state and the ACT and represent the members in their local region.

Branch committees are a forum for information exchange and event development and implementation, they also have input into other facets of policy, knowledge and membership growth.

Members of branch committees are expected to provide:

  • support for the implementation of events within their branch area
  • feedback on relevant industry information and intelligence
  • input into policy and knowledge discussions
  • support for initiatives that will grow the FMA membership base

Branch committees are constituted bodies and are comprised of (up to) 12 individuals who are elected by FMA members for a two-year term and are required to adhere to the Branch Committee Charter & Nomination Form.

To find out who is currently sitting on your branch committee:

Elections are held annually. Members are notified prior to their Branch AGM of the number of available seats and are invited to nominate. 

For more information or to get involved with a branch committee email: [email protected]