Attar ATTAR has been providing Australia with expertise in Building Compliance, Consultancy, Specialist NDT Services and NDT Training for over 30 years.ATTAR offer a range of testing services in pedestrian safety, disability access and building code requirements. On-site testing of buildings and facilities is undertaken, as well as testing of new products in the laboratory. We help you in 1. Assessing compliance of pedestrian precincts Specialist testing of buildings and surrounding precincts, helping you demonstrate compliance with the various standards, regulations and guidelines applicable to you 2. Product Certification We carry out rigorous laboratory testing in order to assess whether products intended to be sold are compliant. Products tested include flooring products, external pavers, decking and all forms of surface coatings.In almost any type of business, there are liabilities which can arise from a failure to properly follow applicable Standards, Codes, Legislation and Guidelines. Whether you are building a facility or managing one, there are a multitude of compliance issues we can help you withContact Business

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