SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 24 OCTOBER 2023: CIM, a global best-in-class provider of AI-powered analytics software that facilitates improved financial and sustainability performance across property portfolios, has partnered with the University of Technology Sydney, UTS. CIM has deployed its innovative PEAK Platform at two buildings at the leading Australian university, both located alongside the heart of Sydney's CBD.
The platform has been deployed at Buildings 4 and 10. Building 4 houses the university’s original Faculty of Science, comprising various labs, teaching spaces, informal study areas, and a recently added specialist research facility. Building 10, known colloquially as the Fairfax Building, accommodates the Faculty of Health and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, a student centre and the Aerial Function Centre. 
With the partnership, UTS is leveraging CIM’s PEAK Platform to improve energy efficiency, reduce equipment downtime, enhance visibility, and transition towards a data-driven maintenance approach. An equally critical priority is maintaining indoor campus conditions that are comfortable for students and staff, while ensuring research activity is undisturbed and precious artefacts are preserved.
Gavan Hutton, Head of Facilities Management and UTS said, “Sustainability is at the core of the university’s vision and strategy, influencing not only our academic vision but also our daily campus operations. Our partnership with CIM allows us to embrace the latest technology to maximise reduce energy and advance our roadmap to Net Zero. Utilising software powered by advanced AI and analytics ensures our facilities continue to perform optimally, while our academic community can focus on their pursuits in a reliable and comfortable environment.”
David Walsh, CEO and Founder of CIM, added, "UTS’ commitment to sustainability and a progressive technology-first approach is unmatched. Through this partnership, we're honoured to support their visionary approach, harnessing the power of our PEAK Platform to improve environmental outcomes, optimise operations, and supercharge a collaborative workflow.”
CIM’s PEAK Platform harnesses artificial intelligence to continuously monitor and provide immediate insights into a building's operational performance. It detects and facilitates the prompt resolution of faults and inefficiencies in large plant and equipment, significantly improving financial performance, reducing climate impact and enabling a superior building user experience. The platform is operational across universities, offices, shopping centres, museums, hotels, hospitals, and airports.