The Victorian Government has published new guidance for workplaces to improve ventilation to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

 Simple ways to improve ventilation in your workplace:

open windows and doors where possible
use ceiling fans or wall-mounted air-conditioning units
adjust the settings on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems or air conditioning units to increase the proportion of outdoor air
ensure regular servicing of your HVAC systems including upgrading filters
consider using portable filtration units to increase the clean air
move activity outdoors when possible
avoid interactions in confined or crowded spaces.

Further information and downloadable guidance on improving ventilation in rooms and spaces in your workplace is available at

Visit signs, posters and templates to download a flyer with general ventilation advice for businesses.

This new guidance can be incorporated into your COVIDSafe Plan.

Update your COVIDSafe Plan 

A new COVIDSafe Plan template is available to help you reduce the risk of COVID-19 at your business. All Victorian businesses with on-site operations must have a COVIDSafe Plan. Visit for more information.

The Victorian Government is also offering a free support service for small to medium businesses to ensure your COVIDSafe Plan is up to date and reflects current COVIDSafe Settings.

To attend one of the information forums, email [email protected]