Good Practice Guides


The Association’s series of Facilities Management Good Practice Guides (GPG) provide detailed, objective and independent information for its members and the industry.

GPGs support facilities management professionals to effectively and efficiently address key areas of interest and offer guidance as to what should be achieved at a minimum to be considered good practice.

Developed in partnership with content contributors and publishing partners, should you or your organisation be interested in establishing yourselves as an industry knowledge leader in an area of interest to the facilities management industry contact:

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Digital Facility & Asset Management

The Good Practice Guide on Digital Facility & Asset Management is a joint publication by the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) and the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc).

Asset management is the systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of built environment assets. Effective asset management requires the involvement of all levels of an organisation to plan, control and monitor asset performance. This combines management, financial, economic and other activities and practices to deliver optimal whole-of-life outcomes.


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Energy Management

The Good Practice Guide (GPG) for Energy Management outlines the actions that facilities managers (FMs) can take to add value to the facilities that they manage through a structured approach to energy management.

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Waste Management

This Guide gives you the tools to assess your current waste situation, implement waste mitigation measures, and evaluate the costs and benefits of these initiatives. It bridges the knowledge gaps between the various stakeholders involved in waste management across a range of building types by providing a common understanding of the issues and best practices,

Developed by the FMA with support from Knight Facilities Management, Scentre Group, Veolia Environment Solutions, Sustainability Victoria, the National Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and the FMA Victoria Branch.

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Facilities Information

This Guide provides an overview of Facilities Information from a facilities management perspective.

It offers FM practitioners, building owners, occupiers and other relevant stakeholders with an improved and consistent understanding of the role and importance of facilities information and how it can be managed.

Developed by the FMA in partnership with Turner & Townsend.

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Selecting FM Software

This Guide provides useful information and guidance on issues critical to selecting and implementing a software solution for facilities management. 

The Guide highlights the key considerations that must be addressed in advance of vendor selection, briefly identifying some of the technology innovations and resulting trends that may influence your decision-making processes.

Developed by FMA in partnership with Service Works Global.

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Multi-Unit Residential

This Guide provides an overview of facilities management in multi-unit residential buildings, focusing on common areas and shared services.

The purpose of the Guide is to provide a common understanding of issues and good practice requirements involved in running an efficient building, helping to bridge knowledge gaps between the various stakeholders involved in the development, construction, operations, maintenance, management and administration of multi-unit residential buildings.

Developed by FMA in partnership with the City of Melbourne and Facility Management Victoria Pty Ltd.

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