FM Essentials Business support servicesCommunity infrastructure, Corporate, Education, Finance and Banks, Government, Health and Aged care, Hospitality and Hotels, Industrial, Investors and Owners, Low Rise Office buildings, Prisons, Residential, Retail, Sports and leisure facilities"Your partner in FM". FM Essentials are experts in facility management and offer clients a unique combination of: - Specialist FM consulting & Workplace operations consulting - Best practice building management, facility management, and maintenance management services - Innovative asset lifecycle and maintenance management software Our award-winning business was formed 20 years ago and has provided facility management solutions across multiple sectors.FM Essentials was established in 2003 and remains an FM industry market leader, initially delivering specialist facility management consulting, plus the development and licensing of asset lifecycle and maintenance management software products and services. FM Essential’s capability has evolved rapidly over the years in response to market trends and the needs of our clients, examples of which include expert consulting for capital projects, premium commercial tenancies, workplace operations and "experience", as well as additional integrated modules and apps for the software known as fmXpert. This offering was expanded in 2017, when we added our new ‘Services’ business to complement ‘Consulting’ and ‘Software’, and the team was expanded to incorporate new skillsets. We now manage properties in our capacity as building manager, facility manager, and maintenance services manager, and provide asset lifecycle, asset condition, and ESM compliance auditing solutions. fmXpert from FM Essentials delivers vital information to FM professionals and includes a client-contractor facing web-based interface, which is deployable regardless of borders and simple to access from anywhere via a standard web browser. FM Essentials has an industry reputation for forging long-term relationships with our clients, which is evident through our case study portfolio.Contact Business

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